The Employment Law service comprises the following elements:

1. We will:
  • Identify your priorities and needs
  • Obtain information and an appreciation of your operational procedures.
  • Work with you to achieve your desired outcomes.
2.  We will draft or revise your Company's principal statement of terms and conditions of employment and Employee Handbook

3. We will make available to you telephone access to consultancy expertise 24 hours a day for any employment law related query. Prompt and legally compliant help will be provided to you or any nominated person by our Employment Law Specialist.

4.  We will allocate you an Employment Law Specialist  who will understand your business and work with you to achieve your business aims during office hours. Where you have a complex or difficult issue, arrangements can be made for a consultant to visit your business.  Where necessary they will liaise with employees, solicitors and unions on your behalf; there will be additional charges for this out of office work.

5.  We will draft employment law related letters, documents and agreements as required or vet any that you wish to draft yourself and be available for advice.

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As a client of LELC, you'll be sent Health & Safety Alerts and/or Employment Law Legal Updates as part of the many helpful services we provide, making sure you're ahead of the curve when it comes to Health and Safety and Employment Law matters.

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