In-house problem solving, disciplining and resolving grievances

There are some situations from which you may wish to step back and hand over the management to someone else.

Most employers will have experienced an employee who has misbehaved, who is being difficult and is wearing their managers down. As well as helping you manage this situation we can carry out disciplinary and/or grievance and/or appeal hearings on your behalf, ensuring that all statutory rights are properly observed and that fairness is achieved saving you time and money whilst providing peace of mind.

Restructuring and redundancy management

From time to time there maybe a need to look at efficiencies, to work in a different way or to simply cut back. Restructuring and redundancy management can be undertaken on your behalf from within your premises. Following our principle of helping you to achieve your business aims, we firstly establish with you what restructuring plan is most appropriate for your business. Then we set out a plan for the implementation of the process necessary to achieve the restructuring. Thereafter we carry out that process on your behalf from within your premises, under your instruction, until the process is completed.

The Lloyds Employment Law Tribunal Guarantee is particularly valuable in these often protracted and complex operations.

Mediation services

Occasionally you may experience staff who are at loggerheads with each other, have grievances that cannot be resolved or have a member of staff who has become difficult to manage. We can provide an informal Mediation Service that is cost effective and discreet and provides certainty to all parties.
Whatever your need, it can be met by face-to-face or telephone support with one of our Employment Law Specialists who is knowledgeable about your business and will work in partnership with you.

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