Personality clashes, racial tensions, and disagreements over working conditions can all lead to an unhappy workforce. An unhappy workforce is less productive and eats away management time and company resources. Too often the only solution employers think they have is between disciplining or dismissing the difficult individuals.

A valuable third option is to resolve disputes or differences without commencing formal procedures. This can provide real benefits from a costs perspective and can usually solve the matter far more quickly than a prolonged procedure and the resulting (normally inevitable) tribunal action.

Defending a tribunal action is costly, timely and can have a devastating impact upon the other employees involved.

Mediation can provide a structured, effective means of avoiding Employment Tribunals. Using Lloyds Law to guide negotiations can often help to defuse difficult situations and hopefully put both parties on a road where they will be able to work positively and productively with each other in the future.

Another cost for employers is losing good staff. Many good staff leave because they consider that their grievance has not been satisfactorily resolved, because they do not want to be seen as a troublemaker by raising issues or because they believe their employer will not do anything to resolve their concern.

Bringing in Lloyds Law to act as an intelligent guide to the negotiation process can be an effective means of resolving dispute and may help you retain your member of staff.

Lloyds Law can provide informal mediation that is cost effective and discreet.


Where resolution isn't possible a negotiated exit of the employee using a settlement agreement is often the best solution.  A settlement agreement can protect your business from tribunal action and will also achieve benefits that a tribunal cannot order, such as protection for the employer regarding confidentiality.  Lloyds offer a settlement agreement service which can draft a settlement agreement on your organisation's behalf as well as acting for you in negotiations with the employee's representative.

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